Fishing for Men with a Zebco 33

February 23, 2018
When I was a young boy my father said, “Son, I want to teach you how to fish.” I was so excited. I knew my dad loved fishing and I always wanted to do anything that he loved to do. So we packed up our gear and headed to my Uncle Bill’s lake. When we
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The Ripple Effect of Multiplying Disciples

February 28, 2016
It’s called the ripple effect. It occurs when an object is dropped into a body of water and ever-widening ripples expand across the water. An initially motionless state is interrupted and followed by ripples that expand outwards incrementally. Small and tight at first, the ripples continually widen in a circular pattern covering more and more territory.
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In Discipleship, Repetition Leads to Replication

February 15, 2016
Having raised a family of boys, one who played college football, I’ve watched hundreds of football practices. Most practices are routine and boring. The players on the field do the same things over and over again. Football practice involves repetition, repetition, and repetition. There is a reason for this. When it’s time to play the game
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Discipling People Before They Are Saved

February 7, 2016
Can we begin to disciple people before they are saved? Yes we can. In fact, discipling others before they are saved is one of the most natural and simple ways to lead people to Christ. It is often difficult today to get lost people to attend a church. For this reason it’s important for us to begin discipleship
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