A Disciple-Making Pandemic

April 5, 2020 bill.wilks@me.com
Right now, our world is riding out the storm of the Coronavirus Pandemic. In our lifetime, we have never seen anything like this. Entire countries are shut down, nonessential businesses are closed, church buildings are empty, and hundreds of millions of people across the globe are isolated at home while they shelter in place. Once busy streets of major
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Growing Life Groups through D-Groups

April 28, 2017 bill.wilks@me.com
You may call them Life Groups, Growth Groups, or Sunday School Classes. No matter what you call them, there are some important questions to consider. Are your church’s Life Groups reaching new people? Are they reaching those who are lost or unchurched? Are they continually multiplying and reproducing new groups? For many, if not most churches, the answer to these questions is a
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Developing a Culture of Discipleship

April 27, 2016 bill.wilks@me.com
For several years, discipleship in most churches has been program driven. We have had well planned discipleship ministries, but they have not often produced discipleship multiplication. Instead of creating a new program of discipleship, churches around the country are beginning to realize the vital importance of developing a culture of discipleship. A discipleship culture is one where every believer is being equipped
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To Make Disciples You Must Go Fishing

April 25, 2016 bill.wilks@me.com
Jesus said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19). What Jesus meant by this is plain and obvious. All who follow Him and become His disciples will in turn make other disciples. That is what followers of Christ do. They make other disciples. Making disciples is our chief purpose in
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Please Kill Your Discipleship Program Now!

April 2, 2016
What is every believer’s supreme purpose in life? All genuine followers of Christ should know the answer to this question. Christ gives our lives purpose and our purpose is clear. According to Jesus Christ, our purpose in life is to make and multiply disciples (Matthew 4:19; 20:18-20). Living the D-Life–a lifetime lifestyle of disciple-making–is not just
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