Daily Bible Reading:

  • Day 1: Acts 22
  • Day 2: Acts 23
  • Day 3: Acts 24
  • Day 4: Acts 25
  • Day 5: Acts 26

Memory Verse: Acts 26:8

Bible Study: Acts 22:1-22

Study TopicPaul’s Personal Testimony

Accountability Questions:

  • Did everyone read all five chapters?
  • What application points did you find?

Group Participation:

  • Have someone take requests and lead prayer.
  • Have someone tell the story or paraphrase.
  • Have someone read the Bible passage.
  • Have someone facilitate the Bible study using the weekly discussion questions.

Weekly Discussion Questions:

  • What is a believer’s personal testimony? Why is a believer’s personal testimony a powerful tool in witnessing for Christ?
  • In our story, Paul shared his personal testimony with a mob of Jews in Jerusalem who were seeking to kill him. What specific details did Paul share about his life before he came to Christ (v. 3-5)? How did Paul become aware of his need for Christ (v. 6-11)? How did Paul come to know Christ as his Savior (v. 12-16)?
  • Who did God use to lead Paul to Christ (v. 12-13)? Read Rm. 10:17. Why does God always use a willing witness to lead another person to Christ? Read Acts 2:38 & 16:30-33. What is water baptism and why is baptism a vital part of a new believer’s commitment to Christ (v. 16)?
  • How was Paul’s life different after he came to Christ as his Savior (v. 17-21)? Read 1 Cor. 15:8-10. Why could Paul never get over the difference that Christ had made in his life? How did Paul show his gratitude for God’s grace toward him?
  • How did the people respond to Paul’s testimony (v. 22)? Was Paul a successful witness for Christ even though the people responded negatively to his testimony? Why or why not? Whenever you share your personal testimony why must you trust God with the results?
  • As an example to follow, what three or four elements of sharing a good personal testimony can we learn from Paul? Read 1 Pet. 3:15. Why should you always be prepared and ready to share your personal testimony with others? Why is it important to share your testimony with a spirit of gentleness and respect?
  • When is the last time you shared with someone your personal testimony? How did the person respond? Would someone be willing to share your personal testimony with us right now? What would you say to someone who does not have a personal testimony for Christ?

PrayerLet’s pray today that we will be prepared and ready to share our personal testimony and that God will give us an opportunity to share it with someone soon.

PDF – 23. Acts 22.1-22.NT2