Calling All Ladies to D-Life

November 17, 2015 Blog

(by Rondie Wilks)

Ladies . . . come in here real close. I want to tell you something important. Very important!  I want you to know something–I mean really know how wonderful and special you are.

You are absolutely beautiful. Look at me! You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God has a specific amazing plan for your life! I can tell you what it is with great humility and even greater excitement. For every season of your life, no matter your age, I can tell you what it is. Backed by all the authority of God’s Word, you and I do not have to wonder what we are created for.

Your Creator gave you a unique personality and certain gifts and attributes that are especially you.  And know this, “The best person you can be is the person God made you to be.”

You are greatly loved. You were created to excel and not to fail–especially not to fail at this supreme high purpose for your life. You were made to bring Him glory in all that you say and do. Listen my sweet friend, let me speak LIFE to you.

Oh, I know you are not perfect. I’m not either. But, He loves you anyway. I understand how you feel. I’m a filthy rag wrapped up in His beautiful righteousness. His righteousness! It’s the cross that makes me flawless. It’s the same for you. If you ever think it’s to late, no matter the pain, no matter the stains, the bumps along the way, the scars that mark your pain, it’s not too late for you. Remember your purpose, your calling.  Call out His name. It’s the cross that makes us flawless. It’s His grace that makes us useful.

I’m the thorn in His flesh, but He loves me anyway. I’m the nail in His wrist but He loves me still. It’s like no other love I’ve ever known. It’s that love that compels me to want to share it. It’s that love that calls me to live out His supreme purpose for my life. You, my sweet friend have a place, a calling, a purpose just like me! We are the body of Christ, royal heirs, daughter’s of the Most High King. He has called us to live a life worthy of this.

Here it is . . . are you ready? Ready for your calling, your purpose for life? Two words. Yes! Just two. Write it down. Put it at the top of your, “To Do List” every day. MAKE DISCIPLES!!!

Do you want to do the ONE thing that Jesus commanded you to do? The ONE thing that will bring you much joy and a life of purpose?  The ONE thing that really will change and turn the world upside down? The ONE thing that will change and transform your life and others?

Ok! Ladies let’s do this. Let’s live the D-Life together. I’m calling you out because I so love you. I’m inviting you to come just as you are. It’s my desire that every lady is involved in D-Life. It is life changing!

  1. Let’s read the living Word of God together. Just one chapter a day, 5 days a week. 

  2. Let’s apply what we read by giving Him all the SPACE in our lives. As we read, ask God to speak  personally to you. Ask God to show you in His Word a . . . 

    Sin to confess
    Promise to claim
    Attitude to change
    Command to obey
    Example to follow

  3. Look around for ladies that God has placed in your path. Maybe at the baseball field, your workplace, your neighborhood, or ladies you know from the gym. Just lift up your eyes and look, they are all around you. Ask them to meet with you once a week to discuss and read the Bible. Your meeting can take place anytime and anywhere. The only tools you need are the Bible and your D-Life study guide.

  4. Commit to meet with your group one time a week. Just one time. Follow the six practices of D-Life: Fellowship, Teaching, Prayer, Ministry, Multiplication, and Accountability.

Oh, how I love you! I want to hear from you. I want you to contact me, as pastor’s wife, as a woman living the D-Life, as your friend. This is so important, I’m asking you to contact me and let me help you live the D-Life. If you are reading this, I’m looking forward to your phone call. Contact me at 205-937-290

I am so excited for you! When we walk in obedience to God’s word and follow after Him, He transforms and changes us from the inside out. It’s beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than the body of Christ living out the Great Commission as a passionate everyday lifestyle. It’s not a suggestion. Are you ready . . . let’s go do this!

Living the D-Life,