The Bible and the D-Life Web Site

October 2, 2015 Blog

Imagine hundreds even thousands of youth and adults reading the Bible daily, writing down personal application points, and meeting once a week anytime and anywhere to discuss the Bible. This is happening though D-Life, and the results are amazing.

The truth is that daily Bible reading is life-changing. Peter instructed believers saying, “Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation” (1 Peter. 2:2). If all believers would commit to reading God’s Word daily and applying it to their lives, their spiritual growth would be strong and steady. However, there are many who do not even pick up their Bibles during the week. This is tragic.

A major goal of D-Life is to get believers to develop the habit of daily Bible reading. The D-Life Bible reading plan is simple and achievable. Every year those in a D-Group will read through the New Testament or story through the Old Testament. They will do this by simply reading one chapter of the Bible five days a week. By slowing down and reading only one chapter a day, they can truly absorb the truths of God’s Word and find principles to apply to their lives.

For this reason, D-Life is not based on a curriculum. It is Bible based. D-Life involves daily Bible reading and meeting weekly with a D-Group for a time of interactive Bible study. A weekly study guide is provided for someone to facilitate the Bible study that will come from one of the chapters read during the week.

The Bible and the D-Life Web Site are the only tools one needs for living the D-Life. There is no printed curriculum, only a weekly study guide to be used for the Bible Study.

The D-Life Web Site is a mobile enabled site that makes living the D-Life accessible to all people anytime and anywhere. Whether you use your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, it automatically adjusts to whatever devise you choose. You can even keep your personal Bible study notes right on the site.


1.  The D-Life Web Site is made available to every member of your church or ministry.

2.  The D-Life Web Site includes brief content on each of the six practices of D-Life.

3.  The D-Life Web Site contains information on keeping study, prayer, and ministry notes.

4.  The D-Life Web Site contains the Bible reading plan and weekly study guides for D-Groups.

There are fifty-two study guides for each year and they come in an electronic format and a printable format. Four years of Bible reading plans and study guides will be available, including two years in the New Testament and two years in the Old Testament. D-Groups will multiply and start over again within those four years.

Once your church or ministry signs up for D-Life, you will receive a custom link to the D-Life Web Site. Everyone who participates in D-Life through your ministry can use the custom link to instantly enroll in D-Life and log in to the web site.

Because the Bible and the D-Life Web Site are the only tools you need for living the D-Life, the possibilities are endless. Men’s and women’s ministries can live the D-Life. D-Life is great for youth and college students. High school seniors can be trained in D-Life and begin campus D-Groups when they go to college. D-Life would be great for prison ministries and sports ministries. Even families can live the D-Life together and use the weekly study guides for family discipleship. Everyone can be trained to live the D-Life and live a lifestyle of discipleship.