The D-Life 4G Challenge

October 3, 2015 Blog

As a student in elementary school, I recall memorizing the multiplication table. Even as child, I realized that multiplication was different from addition and subtraction. There is power in multiplication. Numbers grow much more quickly through multiplication.

This is true for the church. There is great power in multiplication. However, churches often seek to grow through addition. They hope every year to have more additions than subtractions, but frequently the subtractions win.

Many church leaders fail to grasp the discipleship principle of multiplication. God’s plan for the growth of His kingdom is not addition, but multiplication. The goal of Jesus for His church is to multiply disciples. Unfortunately, in many churches there is not one ministry that is truly multiplying. For this reason, the world is impacting the church more than the church is impacting the world. We are losing our world.

Living a lifestyle of discipleship requires the multiplication of disciples; apart from multiplication there is no real discipleship. Everyone who lives the D-Life must be passionately and intentionally committed to multiplying disciples.

In 2 Timothy 2:1-2, Paul explained to his young disciple, Timothy, the Kingdom principle of multiplying disciples, “You then, my child, be strengthened by the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

Here we see four generations of multiplying disciples:

  • Paul (1st Generation)
  • Timothy (2nd Generation)
  • Faithful Men (3rd Generation)
  • Others Also (4th Generation)

Paul gave Timothy a very specific challenge to multiply disciples. We should challenge believers today to do the same. The D-Life 4G Challenge is a challenge to lead and multiply D-Groups through four generations of D-Life.

This is a challenge that every serious follower of Christ should accept and one that can be accomplished. You will accomplish this through four major objectives . . .

  • By leading a D-Group of at least three people for four consecutive years.
  • By multiplying one new D-Group each year for four consecutive years.
  • By coaching each new D-Group leader that you send out for four consecutive years.
  • By overseeing the continuing multiplication of every D-Group in your D-Life 4G Network for four consecutive years.

Your D-Life 4G Network reflects the influence your life can have for God’s kingdom and glory in four years.

  • Year 1 (1st Generation) – 1 D-Group / At least 3 Disciples
  • Year 2 (2nd Generation) – 2 D-Groups / At least 6 Disciples
  • Year 3 (3rd Generation) – 4 D-Groups / At least 12 Disciples
  • Year 4 (4th Generation) – 8 D-Groups / At least 24 Disciples

I am praying that a great number of believers will accept and commit their lives to the D-Life 4G Challenge. I pray that you will accept the challenge. For the glory of Christ we could once again impact our world for His kingdom before He comes.