The Loving Spiritual Accountability of D-Life

September 29, 2015 Blog

Living the D-Life involves loving spiritual accountability in the context of a caring relational environment. Spiritual accountability is a major component in living the D-Life.

The twelve disciples who followed Jesus saw their lives radically transformed because Jesus held them accountable in their commitments to follow His teachings. Likewise, radical transformation is taking place today in people who are living the D-Life.

Through the mutual and loving accountability of a D-Group, strongholds such as alcoholism, drug abuse, adultery, pornography, homosexuality, and lesbianism can be overcome. It is only in the caring context of a small D-Group that such strongholds can be discussed and dealt with. Miraculous transformation can and will occur through the loving accountability of a D-Group.


In our D-Groups, we hold one another accountable in three important areas of spiritual commitment: 1) commitment to the Word of God, 2) commitment to our walk with God, and 3) commitment to our work and witness for God. These commitments are life changing.

  • Commitment to the Word of God.

In D-Life, we read and story through the New Testament or Old Testament every year. We hold each other accountable to the reading of God’s Word and to writing daily application points from our reading. Holding one another accountable to daily Bible reading has a great impact on our lives. More people of all ages will begin to read their Bibles daily through the loving accountability of a D-Group. This is greatly significant. Reading the Bible is life-changing.

In addition, every week in our D-Groups, we assign someone to lead the prayer time, to tell the story, to read the text, and to facilitate the Bible study. Everyone gets involved, and we hold each other accountable to these assignments.

  • Commitment to our walk with God.

We also hold each other accountable to our walk with God. When a brother or sister is struggling with certain areas of one’s spiritual life, loving accountability is provided in a caring environment.

Major spiritual strongholds can be overcome through the loving spiritual accountability of a D-Group. It’s likely that the ministry of a D-Group is one of the only effective ways to genuinely help people who are struggling with personal life issues.

  • Commitment to our work and witness for God.

We also hold each other accountable to the work of ministry and evangelism. Every D-Group works together on at least one ministry and evangelism project every two months. We work together and hold each other accountable as faithful servants of Christ.

D-Group leaders should email and text those in their group on a regular basis to remind and encourage them of their commitments. Emails and text messages are quick and easy tools we can use to help keep those in our D-Groups accountable. No one in a D-Group should ever miss a weekly meeting without letting the leader know why he or she will be unable to attend. Anyone who misses a D-Group should receive immediate follow-up.


We know that Peter was a great leader. However, Peter struggled with some personal issues. After denying the Lord three times, Peter must have felt like a great failure. He was ready to quit and throw in the towel as a disciple of Christ.

Peter’s plan was to return to his old trade as a fisherman, but Jesus came to hold Peter accountable to his commitment to leave his nets and follow after Him.

Jesus’ example of loving accountability with Peter is an example for us as we live the D-Life. Three times Peter had denied Jesus, and three times Jesus confronted Peter with his commitment to discipleship. Three times he reminded Peter to “feed My sheep” (John 21:15-17).

Jesus was patient and loving with Peter. Yet, Jesus held Peter accountable to his commitment to live the D-Life. In spite of his failures and shortcomings, Jesus reminded Peter that he was called to make disciples who make disciples.

This is true for every one of us. In spite of our failures, insecurities, inadequacies, and shortcomings, we are called to live the D-Life. There is no good excuse to not live the D-Life.     

Peter was spiritually restored and he made a lifetime commitment to live the D-Life. The rest is history.

When it comes to living the D-Life, it doesn’t matter what others do. Jesus holds YOU accountabile to live the D-Life. It is YOUR supreme purpose in life. The Holy Spirit of the living God empowers YOU to live the D-Life. Therefore, YOU have a decision to make. Will YOU make the choice to live the D-Life?

This is a very personal commitment and it’s one of the greatest commitments you will ever make. I pray that you will commit to live the D-Life for the rest of your life.